About us

    The Elektrėnai Municipal Public Library (hereafter, EMPL) was established on 31 May 2000 by Decision No 34 “Regarding establishment of institutions of the Elektrėnai Municipality” of the Council of Elektrėnai Municipality. There are 12 libraries in the EMPL system: the main branch of the Elektrėnai Municipal Public Library and the Vievis city branch, and 10 rural branches – Abromiškės, Balceriškės, Beižionys, Jagėlonys, Gilučiai, Kazokiškės, Kietaviškės, Pakalniškės, Pastrėvys and Semeliškės.

    There are a total of 162,521 items in the collections of the EMPL, which amounts to 6.78 items per resident of the municipality. On average, each year the library acquires 10,000 new publications and writes off (disposes of) about 6,000 publications that are no longer usable or have become irrelevant.

    The library devotes a great deal of attention to obtaining, collating and making available material connected with the local area, gathering new material and preparing bibliographic entries for the National Bibliographic Database (more than 32,000 entries) and files about the Elektrėnai area and its residents, and communicating with residents and those who are from the area. About 2,800 items of publications about the local area have been collected in the EMPL area studies collection and in the branches.

    As of 2015, 7,955 users (patrons) were registered at libraries of the EMPL network, that is, 33.2 % of all residents of the municipality. In a year, these users (patrons) borrow approximately 109,000 items.

    85 internet-enabled workstations are available for users (patrons) in the EMPL network. All branches of the EMPL network also provide wireless internet access. On average, each year 2,227 users (patrons) connect to the internet at the branches.

    Users (patrons) in all branches of the EMPL are served using the LIBIS electronic catalogue.

    Users (patrons) of the libraries of the EMPL may use the Infolex, EBSCO Publishing and Naxos Music Library databases free of charge.